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Newsletter June 2019

On 30 May we celebrated the “day of the Canaries”.  We celebrate this date because it is the anniversary of the first session of the Canary Islands parliament which took place on 30 May 1983. This marked the beginning of the autonomy that residents wanted, with more say over what went on in the archipelago, rather than having everything dictated by a distant central government in Madrid. 

We celebrate the day by wearing traditional costume, folk dancing and music and, of course, eating Canarian  cuisine. Jesus (our manager) took part in the silbo “competition”.  El Silbo is the whistling language which used to be used for communication in the mountains,  long before telephones and cell phones were introduced. Jesus  and his partner in the competition came third out of thirteen.  One of the partners faced  the stage and whistled a message to his partner on the stage. The partner on the stage  had his back towards him and had to write the message down onto a screen. The message was “ Tu sabes si el presidente de Francia, estuvo en una reunión, en el parlamento europeo, el hablando con los parlamentarios sobre el Brexit”. “ You know if the President of France, was in a meeting, in the European Parliament, talking to parliamentarians about Brexit”.  Jesus only made two mistakes- ironically one of them was “Brexit”. 

Summertime is finally here! As the days begin to get longer and the temperatures start to climb, you know what this season brings: relaxing nights on the patio and enjoying barbecues. We at Gomera Walking have already taken some time to enjoy the beach with our family. 

Good news! This year there is no increase in our packages. The prices remain the same as last year. As always our holidays run from Wednesday to Wednesday. In order to make use of our transfers you need to choose a flight which arrives before 12.30pm. If you can’t find a suitable flight you have two alternatives: 1.  Arrive the day before and stay overnight in Tenerife where we can offer a very good deal with Diamond Resorts...80€ per couple for a spacious well equipped self catering apartment. We can pick you up the next day to join the rest of the group for our onward  journey to La Gomera. OR  2. Arrive on the Wednesday and take the last ferry to La Gomera. This option will cost an additional 50€ per couple.

 After our election everything has returned to normal. There is no further news on the project to expand the harbour.....yet!

We hope that you have a great summer and that your plans for next autumn/winter will include a trip to La Gomera. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any further information

Best Wishes Jesús and René

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